Fusion Weld Destructive Testing
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Destructive weld testing involves manipulating and destroying a completed weld in order to evaluate its strength and other characteristics. Multiple destructive techniques are used to determine the integrity level of the weld. Generally, this includes breaking or sectioning off the welded component and testing various physical and mechanical characteristics.

There are a few common methods used in fusion weld destructive testing, including:

• Macro Etch Test - By removing small samples of the welded joints, the macro etch test provides a clear visual of the internal structure of said weld. Cracking, inclusions, and internal porosity can be determined by this testing method.

• Fillet Weld Break Test - This test involves breaking the sample weld on one side only. The fillet weld break test detects discontinuities within an entire length of the weld.

• Traverse Tension Test - It is crucial that the tensile properties of your welded joint conform to the design requirements. The traverse tension test pulls specimens to failure, thus determining the strength of the weld.

• Guided Bend Test - This method involves bending the specimen to find its specified bend radius. This helps to determine the soundness and ductility of welded joints.

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